Monday, May 9, 2016

Let's Make Tissue Paper Flowers!

Making tissue paper flowers is simple and they add plenty of colorful impact perfect for Mother's Day, parties, or just a pretty vase. They can be made in various sizes from a boutonniere to extra large bouquets. 

One of my craft class students walked us through the making of these beautiful delights. Here's what Sandy showed us:


  • Sheets of standard sized tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape

How to make this
  • For a medium sized flower, fold one tissue paper sheet in half

  • Fold the sheet again into thirds, bringing the outer edges towards the middle

  • Cut the folds so that you end up with 6 squares of tissue


  • Fan-fold the stack of tissues - starting at one edge of the paper, fold the sheets about 1 inch and crease, then flip the tissue stack over and fold the tissues 1 inch and crease, flip the stack over, and continue until you reach the other edge of the stack. The folds should be even in size.

  • Fold the center of the "fan" in half.

  • Cut the floral wire into a 10 inch length, or more or less depending on how tall you want your flower to stand.
  • Bend one end of the floral wire over about 2 inches.
  • Place the center fold of the fan into the fold of the wire and twist the wire around itself to close it.

  • Wind a strip of floral tape around the wire to hide it.

  • Use scissors to cut an oval shape at each end of the fan. Of course, I don't follow directions well, so I cut my tips into a pointed shape.
  • Push each side of the fan outwards into a cup-like shape.
  • Gently separate each sheet and pull them towards the center.

  • Fluff the sheets into a pleasing shape.

To make a large sized flower, follow the above steps but instead of folding the sheets in half and thirds, simply start the fan-fold process and go from there. 

Smaller flowers can be made just by making your tissue stack into smaller squares.

Try using multiple sheets of tissue for a fuller flower or using more than one color of tissue at a time for a variegated look.

How pretty and fun! 

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