Monday, March 21, 2016

Cupcake Paper Flowers

Spring is in the air finally! My craft class got busy making flowers out of cupcake liner papers on St Patrick's Day - because what else is there to do to celebrate this holiday!

The rustle of paper filled the room as we made bouquets of pretty flowers in pink and white. Everyone donned their St. Pat's hats for a group photo to show off their creations.

Here's how we made the flowers...

Separate 8 cupcake liner papers. I liked the final result from using 8 papers but you may use more papers or less for your project.

Cut a sturdy heavy gauge wire to 10 inches or use a floral wire. Wind one end of the wire around a pencil a couple of times to make a flattened coil that anchors the cupcake liners in place.

Pierce the center of a cupcake liner from the inside with the straight end of the wire. 

Carefully fold the paper up and around the coiled wire center so that the paper is tightly closed. Keep piercing and folding cupcake liners nice and tight up around the previous paper until all papers have been added onto the wire. 

Coil the straight end of the wire around a pencil under the last liner for a final anchor.

Hold onto the bottom of the liner stack with one hand and with the other hand fluff open the paper layers into a pretty flower showing off the various "petals". 

Flower power fun! This would be great to make with the kids for Mother's Day!

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