Saturday, March 5, 2016

Heartfelt Wreath

Valentine's Day has come and gone but hearts are always "in season". Let me show you how to make this darling heart wreath to hang in a special spot all year long.

• 3/4 yards of felt – your choice of color
• 12 inch styrofoam heart wreath
• 1 box of straight pins
• Sharp fabric scissors
• Pencil
• 3” diameter cardboard or cup
• Silk/artificial leaves (optional)
• Roll of ribbon for bow (optional)

Along one edge of the felt, trace rows with the cardboard circle, close together to save fabric space, until you have about 130 circles. Cut out circles.
Time-saver: Fold the felt in half so that you can cut out 2 circles at once.


Fold one circle in half and in half again. (It looks like a fortune cookie)

Push a pin into the bottom folds of the felt and stick that into the foam wreath.

Continue folding and pinning the felt circles into the wreath, close together for a tighter look or a little farther apart for a full but not bunched look.
Optional: hot glue the pins and felt in place as you go for added security.
"Fluff" open the petals for added fullness.

Optional: Hot glue a few artificial leaves into folds of the flowers and add a ribbon bow for hanging.

Hang and enjoy your new wreath!

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