Sunday, November 26, 2017

Give Santa a Hand - Make Your Own Gifts!

I don't really know how old Santa Claus is but he looks like the same old jolly fella every year, never aging beyond the look of a centurion, despite the fact that he works 24/7 all year 'round. Managing a team of knee high employees and a number of antlered animals all working towards one special occasion - Christmas day!  Imagine being that guy, having to trust your pets without wings to fly you around while you deliver countless gifts to everyone around the world. Phew!

Let's save our Santa by choosing to make a few of our own gifts for family and friends! 

This Friday, December 1st, will be the first of my two holiday classes. As seen in the picture above, we will be making a charming keepsake - a Christmas tree made from buttons on top of a picture frame ready for display. The class begins at 6pm, costs $35 and includes all materials.

The second class will be on Saturday, December 2nd. In this class, we'll create wonderful wreaths like the red one above that you see peeking from under the button project or the white one below......or how about a gorgeous green wreath perfect to dress your door or tweak your tabletop! The class begins at 1pm, costs $35 and includes all materials.

Both classes will be held at Raquel Amaral's Gallery in 
Concord, CA - 1856 Colfax St., Suite 6.

Message me here or through my facebook page for registration information. 

Let's give Santa a little break this year. Join me for some fun, some friendship, and festive art!

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