Monday, March 14, 2016

The Art of Kokedama

 Kokedama what?

What the heck is a Kokedama? I'm glad you asked! 
Kokedama is a style of Japanese bonsai made by taking a small plant and putting it into a ball of special soil held together with moss and string. The art of Kokedama literally translates from “koke” meaning moss and “dama” meaning ball. 

I made one of these beauties at a recent Cancer Support Community workshop given by Patrice Hanlon, a therapeutic garden designer. She gave the class a brief history of this living art form and then gave us the materials to create our own Kokedama to take home.
My plant is settled into a ball of soil then wrapped in a comfy wet burlap blanket. This helps keep the plant damp and the soil from falling apart.
Next, moss is folded up around the burlap and secured with wire or string. The moss is another layer of insulation and keeps the plant happy.
My finished Kokedama! 

These would be lovely hanging over a porch, on a decorative plate, or put inside of a nice bowl.

Here are a few more made by others in the workshop... 

To make one of your own, browse through YouTube videos. I found a short-but-sweet video made by Better Homes and Gardens

Enjoy your Kokedama!


  1. Hi Kim,
    I just came across this (randomly) and realize (I think) that I looked into taking a journaling class with you in Concord; do you teach through their adult ed programs? If so, small world! I hope your kokedama is happy -

    1. Hi, Patrice! Thank you for offering your "green/leafy" workshops at the Cancer Support Community. Because of you my plant life is thriving!

      I was teaching classes through Concord's Recreation department but now I offer journaling and general craft classes at my home studio in Concord on Thursday evenings. Let me know if you'd like me to include your email on my weekly class postings. Maybe you'll find something to spark new creative ideas! Take care!