Wednesday's Words

I've always loved writing, whether it be poetry or longer ramblings. I've had some of my work published in high school and college. Creative writing is another art form, a way of expressing feelings, a nod to nature, or stimulating senses. Manipulating words can be fun, revealing, sometimes sweet or colorful, sometimes sorrowful or hopeful, searching for meaning, inner truth, and connectivity. Putting these thoughts and feelings into words is meditative and stretches my creative spirit with a different perspective beyond that of painting, photography, and craft making.

Every Wednesday, I will post things I've written - musings about life and things that come to my overly active mind.


Many of these poems stem from prompts in a creative writing workshop that I participate in through the Cancer Support Community. The CSC is a wonderful place with incredible people, but that is another story that I'll talk about in other postings. For now, read and enjoy!

Sifting Sands

For My Daughter

I Know Her

Beautiful Daffodils

Signs Of Summer Ahead

Springtime Is Here

Stuck On You

Life's Badges

I Always Have

Dig Deep

Life - What A Party!

Treasures Of The Heart

The Master Plan

I Can See You Clearly

Coffee, Tea, and Me


The Blazing Soul

A Recipe For Joy

Pillow Talk

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